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Parampara Cottages Dandeli

Updated: Apr 14

Nestled amidst the magnificent hills of the Western Ghats flows the mighty Kali River. It is named so owing to the dark color of its waters that turns a shade of deep black-blue because of the iron-ore and manganese-rich soil, the dense foliage that gets into its waters as sediment from the forests, and the heavy mineral-rich silt that it carries along its course. Parampara Cottages Dandeli is situated at a splendid bend of the river Kali that flows across rocky terrain, making way for some marvelous rapids in the path of the gushing river. The resort enjoys a whopping 400 m of riverfront all to its own. Centered on thrilling water activities, this eco-resort provides all the luxuries of a hotel so that you can enjoy nature at its best in the most comfortable way.

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